Dear Friends,

The vision of the National Coalition 100 Black Women, Inc., Orange County Chapter (NCBWOC) has remained the same since 2000; to give back to communities in a meaningful way. It is imperative that we assist and sustain the progression of women in an evolving world. Our primary responsibility is to develop the next generation of leaders.

As a group of progressive and strong women, we acknowledge that women are among the most gifted, yet unrecognized and undeserved group in the world. To reshape this image, we must prepare a new generation of leaders that are diverse, accomplished and committed to making their community and country a better place.
The core values of our organization are embodied in our programs: Health and Wellness, Next Generation of Women Leaders, and Empowering Women through Mentoring. These programs are designed to offer leadership development, financial literacy, mentorship opportunities and support gender, racial and ethnic equality. Although we have accomplished a lot, we have a long way to go. On behalf of NCBWOC, I thank you for supporting our goal to prepare women of color for a prosperous future.

Remember, a small token of kindness can start a movement.

Best Regards,

Janice Chafin
President, Orange County Chapter
National Coalition of 100 Black Women, Inc.