Health and Wellness

Health education plays a critical role in improving and expanding access to quality care. NCBWOC is focused on the well-being of the whole community and the whole person: physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. The Health and Wellness program is committed to offering information and strategies for the prevention of medical conditions and risks that are prevalent in the Black community.

NCBW’s health and wellness priorities are to:

(1.) raise awareness of health disparities and solutions.

(2.) provide access to health care and wellness information that promotes behavior change resulting in a healthier lifestyle for our young people and communities.


  • Childhood and Family Obesity Initiative

  • NCBW Cancer Health Disparities Program

  • NCBW Metabolic Syndrome Initiative

  • Prevention/Decrease Mortality

  • Improve Health Outcomes

  • Access to Affordable Healthcare

  • Culturally Competent Research

  • Quality of Life – Public Safety and Crime